Monday, April 18, 2011


Cynthia Cook, President, opened the meeting at 7:01P.M.


Board Members present: Kathy Hibbard, Lloyd Goodwin, Libby Nieland, Leola Wheeler, Diane Joyand Cynthia Cook.

Community Members present:  Carol and Wayne Gruen, Jim Nieland, Bob Morse, and Debby Prusso.



Lloyd Goodwin moved and Kathy Hibbard seconded to accept theApril 4th minutes as written. Motion passed.



The chairman suggested that the finance report be tableduntil the next meeting due to the TreasurerÕs absence.  Lloyd Goodwin moved and Libby Nielandseconded to review the treasurerÕs report at the next meeting.   Motion passed.



There werenÕt any correction to the April newsletter.



Bob Morse spoke about the geese that presently are at thelake nesting.  Geese are notencouraged to nest on the lake.  Heoffered to write an article to alert the community to what is being done aboutthe geese.


Patricia Pyle, City of Olympia Water Resources and DonnaBuxton, City of Olympia Public Works, Ground Water Specialist, spoke to thegroup about possible outreach programs they would like to bring to ourcommunity.  These would beeducational and monitor pollutants that affect our lake. 



Park Heights: Lloyd Goodwin stated that there wasnÕt any action being taken presently.


Stormwater: Cynthia Cook spoke about the meeting with the city concerning theculvert under Lakemoor Drive. Putting in a salmon culvert would require a bridge due to the width ofthe project.  There is little moneyavailable to do such a project.


Covenant Committee: 

It was suggested that people who frequently walk the areasend the Board a written report of concerns they see with broken covenantrules. 




Architectural Committee:

Leola Wheeler, chair, had one request for a treeremoval.  Jim Nieland has agreed tobe a temporary member due to a memberÕs surgery.



Jim Nieland requested money to replace a weed eater and alawn blower that were stolen. Leola Wheeler moved and Diane Joy seconded to approve the purchase ofthe blower.  Motion passed.  Action on the weed eater awaitsinformation from the insurance company.


Westside fence project will take about 183 feet of fencing.  Nieland stated that it could costapproximately $3200.  He is waitingfor bids.


The sprinkler system for the Westside Park and the EntranceIsland are being looked at.  A bidis in process.


Libby Nieland presented a proposal for a grant to put acommunity garden area in the Tot Lot. It would be in the area of the present BMX site.  It is a matching fund grant.  There is need for more information sothe board can make a decision.


Libby Nieland moved and Lloyd Goodwin seconded to not have aJuly meeting.  Motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M.